An Adventure in Product Management: Chapter 1

Julia R.
3 min readFeb 6, 2021


Many professionals go through times in their lives where they feel that they want to push boundaries, challenge themselves, and learn more. These people look for experiences that can help them feel more accomplished, educated, and well rounded! I for one, am one of those individuals… and would even say this is one of my life mantras. To continuously be growing. I am the type that believes that there will always be new and exciting experiences and things to learn. And this could not be more true (in my eyes) because of our growing technology and scientific breakthroughs.

So, what does this mean for me now? Well…I am taking another step into the realm of continuously learning by immersing myself into an apprenticeship/volunteer activity with Path2Product. In this adventure, I will learn many things that will allow me to create a complete final package for a major streaming service (I may even do 2 streaming services).

As part of the adventure, I plan on writing up my analysis and posting my progress here.

So far, I have only breached the very basics and have started down the initial paths of performing Product Management duties in relationship to the streaming service I have decided to research.

During my apprenticeship, I will be working under mentorship of — John Fontenot, a Product Manager at Swipeclock and owner of the Path2Product team.

So lets jump in. First off — Path2Product and team discuss key components of Product Management and layout a framework for performing in the Product Management realm. At a high level, during my apprenticeship I will be exploring the following:

  1. Determining a Path (As stated above, this will be the Key Streaming Service)
  2. Creating a Portfolio and Templates for future use
  3. Understanding the basic structure and deliverables within Product Management (Which I will call the “Product Management Roadmap”, see quick graphic below for illustration purposes from Path2Product )


Which streaming service will I be focusing on first?


My first session focused on researching the following:

  1. Mission
  2. Vision
  3. Goals

And here is my summary slide based on my initial/preliminary research. This slide will likely change as I perform deeper analysis and research further into my Product Management adventure.

That’s all for now. Next post… Chapter 2, where I will dive more into Market Research and Data Analysis!