Product Management: Chapter 3

Julia R.
2 min readMar 29, 2021


We pause our regularly scheduled programming for a glimpse into a second learning platform, Clicked.

As part of my continuously growing and learning in life, I decided to pursue additional platforms and curriculum in relationship to Product Management. In came becoming a Beta member of Clicked. A platform that offers opportunities to engage and connect with fellow cohorts in an apprenticeship and mentorship style. In the beta, I have had the opportunity of making several new connections through doing various experiences that build skills in various Product Management areas. Some examples are: Group Case Studies, UX/UI specific skill builders, and general AMA/feedback sessions.

One of the most recent experiences I completed was a Netflix Case Study specifically for the 65+ market. The experience was a very short timeframe to complete and the group I was matched with ended up loosing a member, but between myself and the remaining member, I feel like we kicked the Case Study out of the park, bringing unique and original ideas to the table that Netflix may eventually see one day and pursue (at least that is my hope right?).

My partner in crime was Kara Forristall, an UX/UI professional based out of California. Kara is currently open to work. You can find some examples of her prior work on her portfolio: . Kara was a pleasure working with. Very open and willing to discuss options/ideas. She is also very talented in design and layout. Kara’s role in the case study was “UX/UI”.

My role in the case study was “Product Manager”. So — I did my best to apply everything I have learned so far through my career, curriculum, and the other case study to create a package that Kara and I felt fit the prompt.

Below is the presentation we made to our Clicked coaches. We both may go back at some point and beef it up, but for now this is Version 1 for our portfolio.